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High Performance air release vents

High Performance air release vents

Maximum technology in tooling ventilation

The EWIS high performance air release vent program offers vents with excellent resitance against clogging. For companies who are concerned about issues like machine downtime for the vent cleaning, core box and mold productivity as well as the quality of surface of there production will find the optimal solution with EWIS high performance air release vent program.

Your application:

5 reasons for the
EWIS High Performance air release vent program:

1 increased productivity
Less machine downtime due to cleaning of the air release vents will increase your output quantity.
2 least cost
Stop of production causes enormous costs. On the one hand directly costs by the use of cleaning materials such as scalpel blades or dry ice. On the other hand - often not observed - many higher indirect costs, as your machines and staff generate no profit contribution but still consume resources.
3 higher core quality
By permanently air-permeable vents your process reliability will rise - eliminate quality fluctuations, which are caused by clogged air release vents.
4 better casting
Less remachining by reduced casting marks of the air release vents. By larger open surfaces compared with conventional slot vents you are able to reduce the number and/or diameters of vents.
5 more pleased employees
Simply less effort. Who would like to clean or exchange vents in difficulty accessible places within the machine?


Additional information

  • High Performance
    air release vents

    Our vent program of high performance vents hinder the entrapment of sand grains inside the slots, reducing frequency of vents clogging and of stops for the machine cleaning.

  • Excellence in Design

    Individual vent construction

    Ventistamp revolutionized the venting concept being the only manufacturer of vents with super tapered slots that follow geometry of the tooling cavity.

    Ventistamp - inclined, curved

    Please ask for individual vents: