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Super self-cleaning vents for permanent molds

Air release vents MeltVents-KT

Vents with exclusive super tapered slots (Required Patent)

MeltVents-KT increases the productivity of permanent mold like no other type of vent, because they have exclusive super tapered slots (Required Patent) that reduce aluminum clogging.

Stage 1 - Mold filling:
Moment when the aluminum touches MeltVents-KT, during the mold filling, causing a slight penetration in the slots with INVERTED taper.

Stage 1 - Mold filling

Stage 2 - Extraction stage:
Extraction Stage, showing that the penetrated aluminum did not stuck inside the slots as a result of the draft.

Stage 2 - Extraction stage


Features of MeltVents-KT

Vents with inverted super tapered slots



Ventistamp achieved excellent results producing the MeltVents-KT pattern in Bronze-Aluminum Alloy. It is a high performance alloy because it has:

  • Great resistance to high temperature, for this reason, it is also used in the manufacturing of injection pistons of the aluminum injectors.
  • A higher thermal conductivity when compared to Stainless Steel Alloys (approximately 250% higher). This feature allows the vent to accelerate the aluminum cooling process, what reduces the aluminum fluidity and avoids its penetration into the slots.

MeltVents-KT clogging resitance


Tests done in gravity casting, using 5 vents with Ø 10mm, demonstrated the great efficiency of the super tapered slots in relation to the aluminum clogging.

Our product program

Ideal for low-pressure casting

Height: 10 mm;   Slot: 0,1 mm
Part-No. Diameter Height
KTM10H10-06 6 10
KTM10H10-08 8 10
KTM10H10-10 10 10
KTM10H10-12 12 10
KTM10H10-14 14 10
KTM10H10-16 16 10
KTM10H10-20 20 10

Ideal for gravity casting

Height: 10 mm;   Slot: 0,2 mm
Part-No. Diameter Height
KTM20H10-04 4 10
KTM20H10-05 5 10
KTM20H10-06 6 10
KTM20H10-08 8 10
KTM20H10-10 10 10
KTM20H10-12 12 10
KTM20H10-14 14 10
KTM20H10-16 16 10
KTM20H10-18 18 10
KTM20H10-20 20 10


Vents with height 8 mm on special request.

Additional information

  • High Performance
    air release vents

    Our vent program of high performance vents hinder the entrapment of aluminium inside the slots, reducing frequency of vents clogging and of stops for the machine cleaning.

  • Excellence in Design

    Individual vent construction

    Ventistamp revolutionized the venting concept being the only manufacturer of vents with super tapered slots that follow geometry of the tooling cavity.

    Ventistamp - inclined, curved

    Please ask for individual vents: