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Air release vents for sand process

Super Vent

Air release vents Super Vent - Wave Product overview

Super Vent

Air release vents Super Vent - Hole Product overview

Super Vent

Air release vents Super Vent - Mesh Product overview

Super Vent

Air release vents Super Vent - Slit Product overview


Air release vents Ventistamp MeltVents-FS Product overview


Air release vents Ventistamp ZanattaVents Product overview

Additional information

  • High Performance
    air release vents

    Our vent program of high performance vents hinder the entrapment of sand grains inside the slots, reducing frequency of vents clogging and of stops for the machine cleaning.

  • Excellence in Design

    Individual vent construction

    Ventistamp revolutionized the venting concept being the only manufacturer of vents with super tapered slots that follow geometry of the tooling cavity.

    Ventistamp - inclined, curved

    Please ask for individual vents: