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Super Vent - Hole

Air release vents Super Vent - Hole

Features of Super Vents

For thorough ventilation of core boxes and moulding plates.

More than 40 % of the filter surface is open, i.e. air-permeable. Compared with conventional slit type core box vents (about 13 % aperture ratio), you are able to use fewer and smaller vents.

A unique, proprietary fusion technology makes the “Super Vent” really long-lasting. Thus the head plate remains intact even after extended use.

To prevent rust and achieve easy mold release, a surface treatment is applied.

The wave type “Super Vent” uses a wave-shaped, self-cleaning structure. The other types also use thin head plates, resulting in a structure to which sand does not easily adhere.

Ideal also for gassing in Cold Box procedure.

Our product program

Height: 6 mm
Part-No. Diameter Height
EW-250603-L 3 6
EW-250604-L 4 6
EW-250605-L 5 6
EW-250606-L 6 6
Height: 8 mm
Part-No. Diameter Height
EW-250806-L 6 8
EW-250808-L 8 8
EW-250810-L 10 8
EW-250812-L 12 8
EW-250814-L 14 8
EW-250816-L 16 8
EW-250818-L 18 8
EW-250820-L 20 8
Height: 10 mm
Part-No. Diameter Height
EW-251006-L 6 10
EW-251008-L 8 10
EW-251010-L 10 10
EW-251012-L 12 10
EW-251014-L 14 10
EW-251016-L 16 10


Additional information

  • High Performance
    air release vents

    Our vent program of high performance vents hinder the entrapment of sand grains inside the slots, reducing frequency of vents clogging and of stops for the machine cleaning.