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Blow tips Cold Box / CO2

Blow tips

Blow tips with tapered escape for Cold Box/CO2

The ideal solution to ensure a secure seal of the blowing nozzle immersed in the core box. The high flexibility of the blow tips allows an exact and reliable adaptation to the core box.

To fit your needs, the blow tips for Cold Box / CO2 use are available in two different designs. Choose between the standard design and the slim version.

Our product program

Standard - Length: 22,4mm Blow tip Cold Box Standard
Part No. Inside diameter Type
110031401 9,5 mm [3/8 Zoll] C-6
110031402 12,7 mm [1/2 Zoll] C-8
110031408 * 14,3 mm [9/16 Zoll] C-9
110031403 15,9 mm [5/8 Zoll] C-10
110031404 19,1 mm [3/4 Zoll] C-12
110031405 25,4 mm [1 Zoll] C-16
110031406 31,8 mm [1-1/4 Zoll] C-20
Slim - Length: 22,4mm Abbildung Dichtkappe Cold Box Schlank
Part No. Inside diameter Type
110031411 9,5 mm [3/8 Zoll] C-6C
110031412 9,5 mm [3/8 Zoll] C-6X


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