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Blasting device "Jet-Blaster"

Blasting device 'Jet-Blaster'

For rapid and gentle cleaning of core boxes and metal pattern plates.

Abrasives consist of special glass granules removing impurties within a short time without damaging the metal surface.

  • Leightweight, transportable equipment - easy setup.
  • Simple filling by free standing open top tank.
  • Tank sufficiently for approximately 40 minutes continuous operation.
  • Provided with 3 different nozzles - broad operational area.
  • Use dry abrasives only.
Technical Data  
Air pressure 5,5 - 8,5 bar
Hose size approx. 2,20 m
Container volume approx. 11 Liter
- appr. abrasive capacity: approx. 22,7 kg
Weight 3,5 kg


Our product program

Part-No. Description
GP-8048 Blasting device "Jet Blaster"
GP-8229 Glas granules "Glas-Shot" [Packing unit: 22,7 kg]

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