Foundry & Patternmaking Materials

Heat-resitant silicone rubber plates

heat-resitant silicone rubber plates

Sealing material between metal blowing plates and hot core boxes

A perforated metal plate vulcanised into the plates makes it easier to lay the blowing plates and prevent the rubber from streching under heat.

Gaskets are designed to prevent blow-by at the parting of core boxes between the core box and blow plate, and the escape of curing gases, air and sand, therefore increasing core production. These gaskets can be used on any kind of blow plate (wood, plywood, aluminium or steel), and they have proven themselves to be very cost effective (enhanced service life).

  • heat-resitant up to 260 °C

Our product program

Part-No. Dimensions
GP-6019 300 x 300 x 5 mm
GP-6546 600 x 600 x 5 mm


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