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SHALCO machines are well known for their high quality.
Therefore, used machines are also in great demand.

With our marketplace for used SHALCO machines we offer you the possibility to look for a machine, but also to offer your used machine.

Machines for sale

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SHALCO MCM-5AE  (2 machines available)

Construction year: 1991   (SS-10007 / SS-10008)


2 second hand shell core blowers,
electric heated,
complete with protective cubicle
automatic sand filling equipment

Technical Data:
heating plate dimension:
380 x 530 mm
Sand magazin content:
18 kg
Max. core box weight:
2x 100 kg
Max. thickness core boxes all together:
240 mm
Connected Load:
30 KW

Length: 2300 mm
Width: 2050 mm
Height: 2300 mm
Weight: 1000 kg

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