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SHALCO Machine

Machine overview

  • Hollow core blower of U-series

    Bild: SHALCO U-Serie
    U-150, U-180, U-250, U-360, U-900

    Hollow core blowers for medium size and large cores with manual core removal. The fully automatic hollow core blower U-900 is useing a conveyor belt.

  • Hollow core blower of MC-series

    Bild: SHALCO MC-Serie
    MC-3A, MCM-5A, MCM-5AS

    The compact hollow core blowers of MC-series are used for small and medium size cores especialy in production of small batches.

  • Core blower of SCB-series

    Bild: SHALCO SCB-Serie
    SCB-9, SCB-10

    Fully automatic bottom blow core machines with conveyor belt for mass production of small and medium size solid cores.

  • Shell molding machines of SMM-series

    Bild: SHALCO SMM-Serie
    SMM 2030, SMM 3040, SMM 3648

    Fully automatic cycle and consistently good molds are the key features of the SHALCO SMM-shell mold machines.

  • Core shooter of 315-series

    Bild: SHALCO 315-Serie
    315-A, 315-C

    Fully automatic core shooter series with conveyor belt. For all procedures of core making in medium and mass production.

  • Core shooter 321-S

    Bild: SHALCO 321-S

    The SHALCO 321-S produces massive cores in Croning procedure as well as in Hot Box und Cold Box.

  • Core shooter of Edge Blow series

    Bild: SHALCO Edge Blow
    Edge Blow I, Edge Blow II

    Fully automatic core machines with core pick-off. Used for all procedures.

  • Core shooter 543-Autotool

    Bild: SHALCO 543-Autotool

  • Core shooter 645-CP "JobberMan"

    Bild: SHALCO 645-CP JobberMan
    645-CP "JobberMan"

  • DSM-3

    Bild: SHALCO DSM-3

  • Core shooter of series 4-10X

    Bild: SHALCO Modell 4-101
    4-101, 4-103, 4-104

    The core and shell molding machines of 4-10X series are developted under the premiss of minimized working motion to utilize Cold Box process to its maximum.

  • Modell 1200

    Bild: SHALCO Modell 1200
    Modell 1200

  • Sandmixer Saturn-2

    Bild: SHALCO Saturn-2

Genuine parts:

  • Founded in 1992 by a managment-buy-out, EWIS is your exclusive distributor of SHALCO spare parts in Europe and the Middle East.

    Ask for the genuine SHALCO spare parts - so that your SHALCO machine remains a SHALCO machine!